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All prices in EUR per user, excl. VAT, existing licenses do not count towards volume discounts.

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The Software Assurance option was previously sold under the name "Subscription and Support".

Software Assurance (SA) is an optional addon for existing Lifetime licenses to gain exclusive benefits regarding upgrades and support. Similar to Subscription licenses, the Software Assurance is automatically renewed annually and can be cancelled up to one day before expiry.

SA Customers have free access to Lifetime licenses for any releases published during the runtime of the Software Assurance. Support is included in the fee and technical requests will be prioritised. Finally, SA customers are able to claim discounted rates on any bespoke development.

Technical support is generally available for the last versions respectively of the current and previous release cylce.

The conditions for this addon option are:

  • the licenses being enhanced must be Lifetime-licenes of the current Lucatec® Mask major version
  • all active licenses must be covered by the Software Assurance, i.e. the user count must match that of your license purchases

If you are interested in adding Software Assurance to your licenses or in receiving more information, please fill our software assurance form or do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information about the Enterprise Edition please see Features of the Lucatec® Mask Enterprise Edition.