Subscription vs Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime Licenses can be purchased for the current major version release cycle and may be used indefinitely ("Lifetime" license). Upgrades to the successor release can be purchased at a reduced price.

Alternatively, Subscription licenses are considerably cheaper but they do come with an expiry date and require an annual renewal. These licenses are independent of the version being used (provided it is still supported by Lucatec). Subscription also includes priority support which needs to be purchased separately for Lifetime licenses.

Local vs Network Licenses

The difference between Local and Network licenses is mostly of a technical nature: Local licenses are likely the preferred choice for installations with few users where the overhead for setting up a license server is harder to justify. Each installation needs to be separately activated against an online authorisation server (offline options available on demand). Before being able to reuse a license on a different machine, the previous installation needs to be undone.

In contrast, Network licenses allow you a hypothetically unlimited number of installations and only limit the number of concurrent users (a.k.a. "Floating Licenses"): Every started instance of Microsoft Outlook that has Lucatec® Mask loaded uses up a license for the duration that it is running. This can be beneficial for customers with part time employees as licenses can effectively be shared this way.

It should be noted that installing the addin in a multi-user environment precludes the use of Local licenses. Only Network licenses can be used on such systems.

Volume Discounts

A major factor in calculating the price of licenses is the number of users that will be using them. We grant volume discounts as documented in the tables on the pages in this section. Volume discounts can only be calculated per order, i.e. previously purchased licenses are never considered.

"Grace Period"

As we release new major versions we grant a so-called "grace period", i.e. customers who purchased non-Subscription licenses for the previous version within 3 months of the new release will receive a free upgrade on demand. If not claimed the free upgrade offer expires one month after the release.