Switching License Models

For changing between Network and Local activation models we incur a lump-sum processing fee of 70.00 €. This fee is not affected by the number of licenses and is charged every time the license model is changed. If the license model has been chosen in error and the licenses have not yet been activated against our authorisation server, the change can be made free of charge.

Upgrading from Standard to Enterprise Edition

Standard Edition licenses can be upgraded to Enterprise licenses at the cost of the price difference between the two respective sets of licenses. The crossgrade price is only charged once for both Lifetime and Subscription licenses. The next Subscription renewal will occur at the regular Enterprise Subscription price.

Note: Upgrading a Lifetime license to the Enterprise Edition also involves adding an Enterprise Software Assurance option to the license.

Changes to the properties of the license such as the licensee name or the number of users do not involve a processing fee.

If you are interested in changing your license model, upgrading to Enterprise or simply in receiving more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Network licensing is recommended for installations with 20 or more users. It is also the only available option if some or all of your users are working in a multi-user environment like Citrix or Terminal Server. It simplifies license management via a central, lightweight license server component that needs to be installed on the local network.
With Local licenses every installation needs to be activated individually. This usually requires an active internet connection (offline options available on demand).