All prices in EUR per user, excl. VAT, existing licenses do not count towards volume discounts.

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Subscription licenses are purchased for one year and then automatically renew for another year unless you cancel the subscription. The request has to be raised at least one day before the contract's end for being effective. When the subscription period has ended without a renewal the license becomes invalid and will stay deactivated until the subscription is again renewed. The subscription license always grants you acces to the most recent release of Lucatec® Mask. Also included are support services any requests for support will be prioritised.

Customers with subscription licences will be informed about beta builds of next versions of Lucatec® Mask. In turn they can participate in such beta phases for being able to test the new versions in their own technical environments.


Lifetime licences are purchased once and do not expire. They include the rights to use any release within the same major version, i.e. updates within the same major version are always free. Upgrades to the next major version can be purchased at a reduced price. Only the current and previous major version release cycles will be supplied with hotfixes and service releases.

*: The purchase of a Lifetime license for the Enterprise Edition requires a Software Assurance (cancellable anually). The respective link to the online shop considers this requirement automatically.

Lifetime licenses do not include support services. These can be purchased separately on demand. Support cases prompted by errors inside the addin are of course free of charge. If a previously charged support case only later turns out to be caused by an error inside the addin we will of course put the charged hours back into your account.