If you have to send emails on behalf of someone else, you not only need to ensure that the sender address is right, but also that you use the correct signature. Lucatec® Mask offers countless useful functions and settings for this purpose. Our clever add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook enables the fully automatic setting and central management of flexible email signatures.

Always the appropriate signature for every email

Lucatec® Mask detects the correct Outlook signature depending on the sender address and folder context. Our add-in inserts the correct signature for new emails as well as when replying to or forwarding messages. If a support team member wishes to respond to a query on behalf of the entire department, Lucatec® Mask automatically inserts the departmental email address and signature rather than the employee’s personal data. When replying to or forwarding emails, our tool also detects the original recipient and automatically inserts the correct signature for the sender. This automation means that users no longer have to set signatures manually – and this greatly reduces the risk of errors in team communication. The signature details can of course still be changed and adjusted individually in Outlook as required before sending.

Central storage and management of Outlook signatures

Lucatec® Mask enables storage of your company’s Outlook signatures in a central network location. Instead of having to save the signatures on each individual workstation, Outlook signatures can be synchronised and therefore made available for use by the entire company. The signatures can easily be edited centrally and automatically loaded into the email software for all user profiles. Central management ensures that all signatures used in your company emails use the same standard and comply with your design guidelines. Lucatec® Mask automatically synchronises new or modified signatures with each program launch and every 24 hours.

For your convenience: dynamic placeholders for your signatures

Lucatec® Mask even goes one step further: instead of creating an individual Outlook signature for each employee, you can simply use so-called “signature macros”. You create a basic design for your signature template, for example, and add the corresponding placeholders instead of the employee’s name, position and contact details. The information required for the Outlook signature will be obtained from the Active Directory and automatically inserted into the email template by Lucatec® Mask – of course also when you write a message from another sender address or subsequently change the sender. Even content from external files can easily be used in signature templates – rotating ads or a disclaimer from a separate text file, for example.

An overview of the features for Outlook signatures:

  • Automatically set signatures
  • Define default signatures to use for all outgoing messages and any number of individual signatures for folders and sub-folders
  • Automatically synchronise available signatures
  • Use signature macros

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