Optimise countless functions in Microsoft Office Outlook with Lucatec® Mask. Our clever add-in is very useful when messages must be sent under another name. This might be the case when one of your employees needs to write an email on behalf of their specialist department rather than from their own sender address, for example. Lucatec® Mask ensures that all outgoing emails from your team are sent from the right sender – entirely automatically.

Automatic setting of sender addresses

Lucatec® Mask detects which mailbox the user is emailing from. When a new email is created, our add-in automatically selects the sender address corresponding to the mailbox or even the mail-enabled Public Folder. Meaning that there is no longer any need to change the sender manually in Outlook. Lucatec® Mask therefore not only simplifies the workflow in the email client but also completely eliminates the risk of errors occurring.

Sending emails in Outlook on behalf of other people – forwarding and replying to emails

The automatic setting of sender addresses with Lucatec® Mask not only works when new emails are created but also when replies are written or emails are forwarded. This is extremely useful if you work with distribution lists. When you reply to an email that was sent to one or more distribution lists, our tool will automatically insert the correct sender address: your contacts will receive a reply from the same address as the one that they wrote to. If you wish to ”Reply All” on behalf of someone else, Lucatec® Mask also excludes the sender address from the recipient list – just like Outlook does when replies are sent in your own name.

Selecting a sender in Outlook by defining default senders

The sender addresses can also be adjusted manually with Lucatec® Mask: our add-in’s automatic actions can easily be overridden by defining a default sender. All emails will then automatically feature the same predefined sender address regardless of the folder context. This can of course be fine-tuned further and customised for specific folders or sub-folders. All those settings are saved in the folder itself, whereby the sender address for all users is automatically preset. Meaning that there is no need to define default senders again for each client, as these can be managed centrally by your admin.

Sending Outlook emails on behalf of someone else: dropdown menu for Outlook delegates

Lucatec® Mask offers the handy option of creating a list of possible senders for new emails. When preparing an email, this list can be viewed by clicking on the “From” selection field in Outlook and the user can select an appropriate option. This list of valid senders can be prepared manually and adjusted to suit, or generated entirely automatically. Lucatec® Mask can scan the mailboxes and folders of the Outlook profile when the mail client is launched or on demand to automatically populate the list of valid senders.

Indication of the actual sender when emails are stored

When several employees use the same sender address to send emails from Outlook, it is of course important to be able to keep track of who actually sent a message. Lucatec® Mask offers the option of indicating the actual sender of a message when sent items are filed. This additional information enables an overview of the communication flow and naturally is not included in the message sent to the email recipients.

An overview of the features for Outlook delegates:

  • Automatically identify and set senders for new messages, replies or forwarded messages
  • Define a default sender to use on all outgoing messages as well as individual sender options for folders and sub-folders
  • Exclusion of the sender from list of recipients with “Reply all”
  • Search for possible senders and create a dropdown list
  • Display actual sender in the Sent Items folder

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