Lucatec® Mask optimises all functions that are important to efficient email team communication in Microsoft Office Outlook. This includes the enhanced management of emails sent with Outlook. Our clever add-in moves messages to the most useful folders and sub-folders entirely automatically in the most common use cases. Allowing you to retain an overview and saving you from having to sort sent messages manually.

Everything at a glance – with Lucatec® Mask

By default, Outlook saves all sent messages in your primary mailbox’s “Sent Items” folder – including those sent from third party sender addresses. As a rule, this leads to a large variety of different messages being collected there and you rapidly lose track. This is particularly problematic in email communication within teams or entire departments. It is very difficult to keep track of the communication flow in the long run and not all of the involved employees are briefed on the information sent. Lucatec® Mask solves this problem for you: our add-in automatically moves emails to user-defined target folders so that all employees can access these and rapidly locate sent items (in Outlook).

Automatic setting of target folders

Our tool uses a sophisticated algorithm that determines the target folder for sent items according to the sender address and folder context. If you write emails on behalf of a superior, for example, these will automatically be filed in the folder for the corresponding mailbox. The folder structure can be fine-tuned even further as required: emails can be filed in specific project sub-folders or additionally stored in their own folder. Lucatec® Mask offers extended support for mail-enabled public folders. Allowing emails sent from a public folder to be filed directly in this or another associated sub-folder. Our add-in features a variety of configuration options to automate and customise the filing of sent items in Outlook.

Default target folders and toolbar for sent items in Outlook

Where necessary, Lucatec® Mask’s automatic functions can also be overridden. This is possible by setting a default target folder. Outgoing emails will then no longer be moved to the automatically detected folder but rather will always be stored in the desired target folder. Provided you have write permission for the folder, you can make any folder in your Outlook profile a default target folder.

Lucatec® Mask moreover offers a convenient popup dialog that can be accessed via Outlook’s menu bar or set to appear automatically when you click “Send”: This allows you to verify the current target folder for the message; you then have the option of adjusting the location manually or selecting another location. A history of all target folders already used for the current sender is displayed in dropdown list.

An overview of the features for sent items:

  • Automatically detect appropriate target folders
  • Define a default target folder for all outgoing messages and individual configuration of target folders at the folder level
  • Optional display of a dialog field for filing sent emails and selecting alternative target folders

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