This section describes issues or questions that occur before or during the installation of Lucatec® Mask.

In order to easily install Lucatec® Mask on multiple machines with identical settings you could perform the following steps:

  1. Install Lucatec® Mask manually on the first machine, using a commandline like:

    LucatecMask-6.1.3-setup.exe /saveinf="myconfig.ini"

    where you should replace myconfig.ini with a fully qualified file name of your own liking (even on a network path). All settings and customizations you enter or select during this installation will be saved into the specified config file.

    Make sure to enter your registration details when you perform this installation. For example, if you received licensing information in the following form:

    MyCompany, Ltd.

    then MyCompany, Ltd. should go into the field labelled "Organization" and the key should be entered into the "Serial" field.

  2. On the other machines launch the installation using the following commandline:

    LucatecMask-6.1.3-setup.exe /silent /loadinf="myconfig.ini"

    where myconfig.ini is again the fully-qualified path to the configuration file that was produced by the first installation in step 1.

    This will install Lucatec® Mask with exactly the same settings and licensing information as on the first machine without any user-interaction. The only thing you will see is the progress bar. If you want to avoid that as well, use the /verysilent argument instead of /silent

Note that on all machines the installation has to be performed from an administrative account and that Outlook needs to be restarted before the addin becomes available!