Well-organised email communication is decisive to success in daily business. Particularly when it comes to coordinating the internal and external email communication of individual project teams or entire departments. Microsoft Office Outlook is mostly the tool of choice for email management. However, not all of the software’s functions are aligned optimally for communication involving several people and different mailboxes. This is exactly where Lucatec® Mask comes in: our clever add-in for Outlook ensures that your employees’ emails are always sent with the correct signature and from the right sender, and also archived in an orderly manner – and that conveniently, easily and entirely automatically.

Automating Outlook: enhanced efficiency for your email communication

Optimise email communication within your company with Lucatec® Mask. Our innovative Outlook and Exchange add-on enables far more efficient management of senders, signatures and storage functions. Regardless of whether your back office needs to reply to messages on behalf of the management team or an employee must write a message on behalf of their specialist department – with Lucatec® Mask all messages are correctly configured entirely automatically.

The major advantage: Lucatec® Mask automates numerous functions that are complicated to set up in Microsoft Outlook. The need to perform tedious routine tasks such as manually adding senders or exchanging signatures is eliminated. As soon as an employee writes a message on behalf of their team, superior or department, our Outlook email software automatically adds the appropriate sender information. Thanks to the automated emails, the risk of using the wrong settings or making any typos in Outlook is reduced to zero. When the user clicks on “Send”, our innovative email management solution detects which target folder the sent message should be stored in. Emails are stored so that the entire team can access these and retain an overview of the full communication flow at all times.

Lucatec® Mask: an overview of our Outlook workflow add-in

  • Outlook – automatic sender: automatic, standardised team communication thanks to intelligent detection of the correct Outlook sender addresses
  • Outlook – automatic signature: automatic selection of the correct Outlook signature plus central management of the signature templates and automatic updating of these on all terminal devices
  • Outlook team mailbox and team email setup: optimal overview of team communication thanks to intelligent storage of sent items in Outlook
  • Outlook workflow: extensive configuration options for Microsoft Outlook and many other features, including: flexible support for public folders, marking of replied emails and synchronisation of the out-of-office status of additional mailboxes

Email management with Lucatec® Mask makes your communication more efficient and helps to reduce the workload for your employees. What’s more, the add-in works reliably in the background: most functions can easily be set by your IT administrator – at most, your employees merely need to make a few simple adjustments on their terminal devices.

Efficient email management with Lucatec® Mask

Lucatec® Mask makes everyday work life easier for your teams and reduces the administrative workload for the IT department. The Outlook add-in is suitable for companies of all types and sizes. Two-person operations and medium-sized enterprises stand to benefit from the intelligent email management just as much as major corporations with several thousand employees do. What’s more, Lucatec® Mask is an excellent solution for agents and external marketing or press service providers, who send emails on their customers’ behalf.

Buy the Outlook software: try it for yourself!

Benefit from the innovative functions of Lucatec® Mask now: receive all key features for your team communication with just one single add-in. Our Outlook extension offers a wide range of configuration options and can easily be managed in Outlook. The solution for Outlook team emails can be adjusted flexibly and individually to suit your business requirements and your employees’ needs. Why not try it for yourself? Begin your free 30-day, non-binding Lucatec® Mask trial now.

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