Lucatec® Mask is an addin for Microsoft Outlook that helps to organise and automate the outgoing messaging workflow and related routine tasks that occur whenever more than one person is sending messages on behalf of any given address - or if one person needs to be able to send messages on behalf of different senders.

Unless you need to adjust the addin's configuration or there is a need to query or alert the user the addin performs its work completely in the background as a fully integrated part of Outlook. The addin's three core tasks are ensuring the use of the appropriate sender and corresponding signature on outgoing messages as well as filing the sent item in a sensible place where team mates can find it. Beyond that there are a number of other features that make life easier in a multi-sender environment.

Thanks to several layers of configurability the addin can be easily adapted to work with all kinds of use cases: multiple accounts, multiple mailboxes, as well as mail-enabled Public Folders and Distribution Lists, just to name a few. Lucatec® Mask will look at the context of your new email (e.g. what mailbox/folder are you currently in? Are you replying to or forwarding a message?) and then decide based on that information what sender and signature use to and where to put the sent item. One of its biggest strengths in that regard is what we like to call "install-and-go": The most common scenarios do not require any configuration at all! Despite all this "intelligence" you can however still fine-tune the addin to handle even the most complex corner cases.